Reading, Writing and SPaG in Key Stage 1:

From September, the children in Key Stage 1 will be experiencing an exciting and stimulating approach to their English lessons. Using the Pie Corbett methodology, the children will be immersing, imitating and then writing their own independent version of stories, non-fiction and poetry genres.

This approach will allow the children to become fully immersed and familiar with a genre with the aim that they will be able to independently apply all of the features learned by the end of a 3-week block.

Reading has always been very much at the forefront of English teaching in KS1, and now even more so with a two-week block based upon a vibrant and stimulating book. These carefully selected texts will form the basis of a word and vocabulary rich learning experience that will provide pupils to become fluent and accurate readers that have strong comprehension skills. In addition to this, there will be a daily read at 3pm across the school when pupils will enjoy a text as a class as part of our recognition of the importance of reading purely for pleasure.

KS1 children will continue to read their home book daily and choose two texts, one at their reading level the other a ‘free choice’ which could be at a level beyond their reading ability or a picture book that they wish to share read with their family.

In Year 2, children will have a weekly discrete SPaG lesson taught (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) skills of which they will then apply within their 3 week writing block. Weekly spellings will be send home to be tested the following week in Year 2. In Year 1, the focus phoneme of the week will be sent home weekly to recognise and read, plus 5 Common Exception Words spellings, which will be tested the following week.

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